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We offer top doller for industrial and commercial machinery.

Privacy policy
<About dealing with personal information>

The Human Arc Machinery Ltd. (hereafter, “ our company. ”) may ask users to offer user's name, address, telephone number, E-mail address, and information that other individuals are distinguishable (hereafter, referred to as “ individual information” Information to be able to identify the individual by combining two or more information is included.)in the access to our website ( hereafter, this site“.) and other opportunities.
Our company recognizes the importance of the offered personal information enough, and when wehandle individual information in our business, we pay and deal with careful cautions in conformity with this privacy policy.
In addition, our company does not manage the website where domain names differ among the sites that link to our site, which is outside the coverage of the privacy policy, and our company doesn't assume the responsibility at all.

<About acquisition and the use purpose of personal information >

1. When acquiring personal information, we do by the appropriate means. When a customer provides directly through a    document or the website, we will specify the use purpose of personal information.
   However, when the use purpose is clear from the situation at the time of offer, we will omit specification of the use    purpose.
2. Our company uses personal information for the following use purpose.
(1)offer and proposal of information about goods and service.
(2)creation of statistical materials.

<About offer of individual information to third party>

Offered personal information doesn't offer to a third person except for the following cases.
(1)when we have one’s own agreement beforehand.
(2)when basing on the law.
(3)when protection of people's life, body, and property is required and obtaining the consent of the person is difficult.
(4)when cooperation is required for an organization of the country, and a municipal corporation, etc. to carry out office work in    the state of the law.

<About the dealing with the personal information in the website>

Use of log information
When our website is used for the customer, access log information including Internet Protocol address that the customer is using is recorded. This information is used to grasp the situation for the use of our website, and we don't use customer's information for the purpose to specify the user excluding the page for which user authentication is necessary.

<About inquiry concerning individual information etc.>

Inquiries of individual information
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