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Auction Happening Now!! Aug20 - Sep27 /2015 Sealed-Bid

Auction Happening Now Aug20 - Sep27 /2015 Sealed-Bid
Featuring:31units Presses ( 600t -- 30ton )
BIDDING ENDS 1:00 PM SEP 28, 2015
Type: Sealed-Bid
Inspection Date:Aug20 - Sep27 /2015 on weekdays by appointment only

Please see the attached machine list and ask me for more details

INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: Bidders residing outside of JAPAN are required to submit via wire transfer a qualifying deposit of 30% of their total expected purchases. Deposit must be received and confirmed prior to start of auction, and can take up to 72 hours to clear. Please register at least 3 business days prior to sale to allow sufficient time to process deposit. H.A.M reserves the right to refuse or cancel buyer’s bids and to resell purchased assets if the proper deposit is not received or confirmed at or prior to the time of sale. Your deposit will be refunded in full if you are not a winning bidder. However, if you are a winning bidder the deposit will become non refundable and go against your winning bids.