Dealing guide

Thank you for visiting our website. Our stock machines are prepared for trial operation so that customers can buy with confidence. Please feel free to contact our staff for trial operation. In addition, we ask for purchase after having you confirm after confirmation enough by yourself.
Please pay for the machine price in the transaction before shipping from our company.

Our company has its own shipping department, so it costs extra, but it is possible to transport, install and test to a designated place according to the customer's request. Please contact our staff if you wish.

1. If there is a difference between inventory information posted on our website and photos and inventory machines, we will prioritize the condition and specifications of the actual item. In addition, inventory information is updated from time to time, but please be forewarned that it may have already been sold.

2. We are preparing for trial operation at all times, but in the case of sudden visits, customers may be kept waiting, so please contact us in advance.
Phone number
Head office :0493-66-0092

3. We can not guarantee in principle because our products are second-hand products. In addition, we can not accept returns for products once delivered. Please be sure to check before you make a purchase. We do not mind if it is a minor point at the time of purchase, so please feel free to contact us.

4. In principle, our product prices are presented with factory shipping prices. Delivery, installation and trial operation are also possible to the customer's designated location, but a separate quotation is required. Also, if you arrange the delivery by yourself, please let us know in advance the expected delivery date.

5. When considering export to foreign countries, there are countries that can and can not export. Please consult with our staff in advance. In the case of overseas export, designated ports, shipping and customs clearance can be delegated, so please request in advance if necessary.

6. If you plan to purchase from overseas, we have prepared to check the machine status in the animation, but we recommend you to check the actual item. Please note that we can not make returns or guarantees in principle in the case of overseas. In addition, we can not submit documents required for issuance of VISA to overseas customers for confirmation of the actual item, so please obtain VISA by yourself and visit Japan. For consultation on issuing VISA, please contact the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country.

7. In the case of overseas purchase, in principle, T / T cash payment before shipment is required. Please contact our representative for other payment methods.